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A guy arguing with somepony.

Some argue that arguments are cool. We argue that Trolls love argument, as it is a good way to make U MAD. A history of argument is overviewed below.


The first arguments were probably held at precisely 3:30-ish, in the Greek city streets, by Socrates in the early days of the year 215 BC. Socrates (pronounced as idi:ʊt), walked around on the streets, and would walk up to random people and start debating with them. This led to his execution via Kite Saber. Thinking they had stopped argument for good, his executioners left the scene. To their surprise, the very next Sunday, everyone in the city was arguing. They proceeded to have an argument over who's fault it was. A new Trolling pastime was born.

Types of ArgumentEdit


An example of an argument.

Many types of argument exist, and below are a few of them.

I'm Right and You're WrongEdit

This type of argument is used mainly to assert one's correctness, but it can also be used for other purposes. This type of argument usually arises from one person either being right, or thinking so, and proceeding to convince the other person of their correctness and their wrongness.

Your Opinions Make me Angry!Edit

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If one is offended by another's opinions, this type of argument will usually ensue. the offender boldly states their opinions, only to have the offendee fire back with equally offensive opinions. A favorite of Trolls.

'Round and 'Round we goEdit

A circular argument. Example:

  • You're a Knucklehead!
    • I know you are, but what am I?
  • You're a Knucklehead!
    • I know you are, but what am I?
      • (Frustration ensues)

Your Mother is a... Edit

Insults are made towards one another's mother. Usually ends with fist fights.

Cool Story BroEdit

Main article: Cool Story Bro

One insults another's long and boring story. Usually backed up by others who also did not enjoy the story. A favorite of Trolls.

Flame WarEdit

Occasionally, an Internet argument will escalate into a Flame War. Such arguments are dirty, pointless, and utterly hilarious. Many laughs and frustrations ensue from Flame Wars.

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