"Hey, Spider-friend? Why aren't you playing my awesome pinball game yet?"

"It's web-slinging time!"Edit

- Spider-Man, Spider*Sense Spider-Man

''Not to be confused with Fartudinous Four

Spider*Sense Spider-Man is an electronic pinball game created for children anyone whose heart beats for the famous web-slinging superhero. Unlike most pinball games, Spider*Sense Spider-Man is designed to be affordable for the general public. You might interject, "But can't anyone buy a real pinball machine if they save up?" My answer is, would you rather spend $20 on a pinball game, or $200?

...I thought so.


Well, first you obviously have to flick the power switch in the back. Can't really play an electronic pinball game without any power!

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You can't have Spider-riffic fun without opening the box first!

After the power is turned on, you pull the spring-loaded trigger to the right on the machine's top side to launch the pinball into the arena. By using the two flipper buttons (one on the left side and one on the right side), the pinball can be launched into magnetic targets; each is worth ten points if hit. At one point or another, the pinball falls to the bottom of the arena; pull the trigger next to the launching mechanism to start the game over. When you pull the trigger, the game counts one ball being used mechanically; isn't that cool? Collect as many points as you can before you use up three balls; if you don't, you lose, and you don't want to lose. If you get to the maximum score of 99990 points, you are automatically the best vidya player evar! It's a scientific fact!
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