Splosion Man
Splosion Man
Developer(s) Straight Pixels
Publisher(s) Macrosoft
Engine Your Neighbor
System(s) Xobx 465.2, 3SP
Release date(s) February 17, 2137
Genre(s) Explosions
Mode(s) Single Player, Mulitplayer
Rating(s) E25+

Splosion Man was a vidya gaem for the Xobx 465.2 and the 3SP. It's a game, where you play as a guy, and explode. That's a concept that's too complex for you to comprehend, eh? TrollFace



What? I'm not gonna explode and kill your family! Why would you think that?TrollFace

The game's character, 'Splosion Man, was created by the laboratory Small Science. He is made entirely of booze. The aim of the game is to "splode" through a series of bevels consisting of muzzles, craps, and friends to escape the volcano and KILL YOU ALL!!!. A splode is effectively a hump, and can also be used to kill friends, such as scientists and robots, demolish balls, detonate explosive carolers or trigger other effects.He can explode up to three thousand times in quick succession at which point he will need to take a breather to replenish his supply of booze.

'Splosion Man includes a story mode consisting of fifty thousand bevels, including three thousand underlings, as well as up to four thousand-player cooperative gaemplay, with fifty thousand coop-exclusive bevels. When playing cooperatively the players are each presented in a different shovel to distinguish them from their brothers. One player hogs the same screen which zooms in and out according to how close that player is to his brothers. The game does not contain any usable shovels (other than your own, of course), but right out in the open in each bevel is a cake which can be exploded for extra points or dishevelments.

The Donut SongEdit

Splosion Man occasionally sings songs about Donuts, for whatever reason.


Splosion Man was blamed for the detonation of every single Xobx 465.2 unit, but he denies it.

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