Dont know wat it say, but I bet its funnys :D :D

Spurdo Spärde is Finnish meme where te kids who are underage OVUR 18 I SWERS go on imagebords of Finland. :DD Spurdo kids do drink lot of ES whic is delicos and healthful energy drink! :DDD Tey also wurk in the Siwa, caus all Finnish kids are out workan there. :-DD They post with smileys caus theyre so happy all the time!1! :DDDDDDD

How to Be Spurdo :DDDEdit

U spurdo

Spurdos reactin to te hatirs :DD

Oh you wan to know how to be Spurdo???? :DD Wel, frist you get ganstar or hip closthes on, and drink lot of the delicos ES. :D :D Then you Troll and make fun of evryone you see, caus that is the funy! :--DD You gota talk with brokin langauge, caus skrew grammers, amirite! :D :-DD

Spurdos in Media :--DEdit

  • Efa

    Proof that te Spurdo is te Pepir Spray officir

    Tere are lot of Spurdos in FPSes like COD and TF2 caus te cool kids play tose. :D :DD
  • Its been proved on te Internet that te Spurdo is te officir that pepir sprayd te collige kids. :DDD
  • In new Mareo Kart gaem, te Spurdo repalce Birdo, caus Birdos all wierd and gendir confsed, you know?? :--D
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