Taffy the Space King in Tiger's Universe

Taffy in his Tiger Universe form.

Taffy the Space King, the shining messiah of humanity, the Silver Ouroboros of the Swirling Nether, the Baron of All Things Temporal (just 'Taffy' to his friends) is the currently reigning monarch of the Alpha-D-73 sector of the Wastrax System, a small section of Cerulean space. His glorious throne rests atop the asteroid Ceta-9, forged from the alloy colloquially referred to as "Regalium".

From his throne he casts his cold glare of laser-focused fire forth through his luminescent irises, wielding an adamant scepter formed from a single piece of cast obsidian. His favorite color is a sort of bluish-grey-green. Do not attempt to defy his rulership within the small section of space he actually does own. Outside it, however, he is considerably less threatening.

His ultimate goal is conquest of the known universe in the name of the Royal British Empire, whose capitol is located on the moon of a habitable planet known simply as Earth.

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