Not to be confused with Squadala Man

Not to be confused with Pinkachu

Not to be confused with Lolwut

Type(s) Bug


Ability Immunity
Does not give a damn what you think of him.
Affiliation(s) Garbojerk
First Appearance Pogeymans Tentaquil version.
Latest Appearance Your Mom's house.
Related Pogeymans
Squadala Man
Notable Features
–He's the shit.
–Pukes blood.
–Wishes he was a Pokeman.

Tentaquil is the shit. He pukes blood, and learns splash at level 99. There is no pogeyman cooler than Tentaquil. I mean, he's the shit after all. He's also the only pogeyman to have his own game, Pogeymans Tetaquil Version.



The first appearance of Tentaquil.

Tentaquil was created by fusing together the names Tentacruel and Cyndaquil, with the result looking nothing like either of those. He was created for use in Pogeymans Tentaquil Version, as the starter pogeyman you receive.

Other InformationEdit

Although Tentaquil is incredibly cool, he is incredibly terrible for pogeyman battles. His signature move, puke blood, does nothing more than enrage opponents. However, having him on your team makes you so cool that it's worth it to have him waste a roster spot, just so you can look cool.


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