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Bob Saget


Bob Saget is a well-known actor and comedian. Few people know that he is actually the Devil. Several people, such as Doctor Doom, RAGEGUY, Weegee, and Zach Schmiddy have sold their souls to him, meaning that Bob Saget is really the evil behind the evil. While he is not serving his position as ruler of Hell, Bob shares a bitter rivalry with the equally evil Banana.

Kirby was once his right hand man, when he swallowed people's nightmares for no reason, thus creating Nightmare.

Bob Saget has previously pwned Mr. Magillicutty. He was a guest star on The Upside Down Show!.

Zach Schmiddy is his arch-nemesis, as they were roomates in College and had a bajillion children. Saget took half, while he ate the other half. Saget had an epic battle with Schmiddy, and Saget ate his ears and face and internal organ out, thus having to paint Schmiddy's face white.

RAGEGUY was created when he realized that Saget stole his soul. Thus, he said "FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--".

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