This is a Troll. It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it? It is also stinky!!!

The picture over there is a Troll. That's what you are, obviously. I don't really need to explain what it is, because you already know all about them, because you are one. That's why you're here. If that's not why you're here, I'll quickly explain what a Troll is:

The lawyer improves monkeys. Monkeys gloves Trolls on top of the consumer. Monkeys schedules Trolls. The supernatural lusts over the quota. Trolls habits monkeys. Uncle bangs the declining customer. The fascist lusts. When can Troll behave against the hope? How does a throughput boost uncle? Troll rewards the cruise. Bang.

No. That's not what a Troll is at all. If you're not here because you're a Troll. Get out. I mean it. The Banhammer is waiting. I'll go get it. Oh, you're leaving? Good. AND STAY OUT!!! . . .

...Okay, fine, I'll post more.

Now that we're back on track, there are different varieties of trolls:

  • Bridge Troll: This kind of troll lives under a bridge. Unlike Internet Trolls, Bridge Trolls are quite aggressive; all I can say is, DON'T MESS WITH 'EM.
  • Dragon Troll: So far, Tiger is the only one of these here, so they are rare. Dragon Trolls are dragons that seem cruel. They are usually large and dark in color.
  • Internet Troll: This kind of troll lurks the Internet from day to day, looking for a user to insult and ridicule. Internet Trolls tend to be fat basement dwellers with no life whatsoever. For instance, everyone here is an Internet Troll.
  • 'Pokemon Troll: So far, Reshie is the only one of these here, so they are hard to find. Pokemon trolls dwell day to day looking for something thats CRAP ' and then they change it into something cool. Mess with them and they will kill you. So becarful. 
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