A rare look inside Trollopolis

Trollopolis is a city within the Internet in which Trolls reside. it is full of good grammar, 30 species of cat, at least 4 types of troll, pictures that move, and pictures that seem to not move. It is the 150th article on the Trollopolis Wiki, which is within Trollopolis, which contains the Trollopolis Wiki. The Trolls that live here tend to be unfriendly to newcomers, neighbors, and, well, everyone. On top of that, giant monsters like to attack the city a lot, especially on Monday...Wait, what?!



Trollopolis is located at the outskirts of the Internet, safe from mods and the FBI. Encircling the city is a giant Lollercoaster, and nobody knows the reason why this is here. The inside of Trollopolis is a very secretive place, mostly because the gatekeepers throw most visitors out. The gatekeepers like to shout, "U MAD?" while doing this. Those who have actually entered the city claim that it is a lot like Cleveland...If Cleveland were overidden by Trolls and giant monsters. Yeah, I know.


Trollopolis was built by Gioku, with help from Aboek and Wiki Destroyer. Wiki Destroyer has since not been seen, after straying too far from the city and being lost to the Mods. Most of the sysops here agree that the Hoop-de-Poop was the most momentous event in Trollopolis.

Notable StoriesEdit

  • Long ago, a Pogeyman trainer caught a Pogeyman named Squadala Man, and Squadala Man was glad for a round. The trainer soon found out that Squadala Man was invulnerable, and Squadala Man used his Squadala Attack and flew away, leaving the trainer alone to be eaten by Weegees. The trainer then became the Muffin Man, and he went on to eat Malleo and Kiwby. Soon, the Muffin Man became Lolwutman, master of confusion. After this, however, he was defeated by the Whatevertudinous Four; obviously, he is now dead. Since then, Squadala Man has taken over the streets of Trollopolis, forcing everyone into the dark alleys of the city.
  • Once, there was this really hungry guy. And what do really hungry guys like? Chinese food, of course! So, the man drove to the nearest Chinese restaurant to order some pork fried rice. He didn't get the fried rice, though, because the lady at the window kept asking, "AND THEN?" She said this line for an entire hour, until the man gave up and just went over to McDonald's.
  • Every once in a while, the ROFLCOPTER flies over the city, piloted by Your Neighbor. Although, yesterday it was piloted by Mr. Magillicutty and Zach Schmiddy, who somehow got their hands on it.
  • once this guy made an article called trollopolis, and wrote this section, telling you he thinks WHAT HAVE I DONE?
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