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If you have happened upon this glorious place, the Trollopolis Wiki, you obviously love to Troll websites! Well, you've come to the right place, as the Trollopolis Wiki offers structured Trolling to any of you Trolls out there. "What is structured Trolling?" you ask. Well, it means you can Troll as much as you like, but under certain Rools.

Teh Rools

Make sure to follow these carefully: If you don't, you will get HIT BY THE BANHAMMER!!!
ROOL #1: Don't delete other people's stuff. If you must delete stuff, delete your own stuff. If you delete someone else's stuff, you will get HIT BY THE BANHAMMER!!!You can, however, add to other people's stuff.

ROOL #2: Don't post a bunch of crap. Although you can post pages about whatever you want, it has to be good. If you post too much crap that isn't funny, you will get HIT BY THE BANHAMMER!!!

ROOL #3: Don't cuss like a sailor. You can throw in the occasional bad word for emphasis; but if you start overusing your privilege and start becoming obscene, you will get HIT BY THE BANHAMMER!!! If you must cuss, please use censors like "F*¢%", "$#!†", or "@%$#%$*&%&^$%#$%#%$@#%^*$^%))!(@&@%$#☝☹".

These are just the most basic rules. In order to weed out all of you jerks who think you can find loopholes, we have a full account of all of teh rools here.

Did U NO?

Did U NO....
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