Not to be confused with Rool

Here is a full list of all of the Rools on this wiki. We are usually pretty lax, but blatant disregard for teh rools is grounds for an indefinite ban.

  • Don't delete other people's stuff. If you must delete stuff, delete your own stuff. This is the MOST IMPORTANT rool there is. We don't want page blanking on this wiki, and the only way to combat that is to rule out deleting all together. Only the sysops can delete whatever they please.
  • Don't post a bunch of crap. Although you can post pages about whatever you want, it has to be good. Don't write a one-line page with no categories or images or links to anything else on the wiki. We have many inside jokes and running gags around here, so please read plenty of pages on the wiki before starting your own.
  • Don't cuss like a sailor. You can throw in the occasional bad word for emphasis, but do not overuse your privilege and become obscene. If you must cuss, please use censors like "F*¢%", "$#!†", or "@%$#%$*&%&^$%#$%#%$@#%^*$^%))!(@&@%$#☝☹".
  • Do not make or edit template pages. If you don't know what those are, then good. If you do know what they are, then don't make them or edit them. Only sysops are allowed to make or edit template pages. Plus, most of them are locked. If you find an unlocked template page, please contact Village Fool.
  • Don't add long sections of CAPITOL LETTERS or symbols just for the heck of it. Actually, please refrain from doing anything "just for the heck of it".
  • Be sure to follow any rules pertaining to a page that is about a topic that is protected by a Permit. Usually, if a topic is protected by a permit, then you will need the said permit to make or edit a page about that topic.
  • Don't upload images or videos if you never intend to use them.
  • Don't ask to become a sysop. If you are a good user, we will usually ask you to become a sysop.
  • Do not rename pages; that counts as deleting. You may, however, rename pages that you created, just as you can delete content that you added.
  • Use the mainspace and template talk pages as talk pages, not for trolling. You can use user talk pages for trolling.
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