Not to be confused with Ballin'

Not to be confused with LOSER


The most WINNER picture of all time; it has been rumored confirmed that this image cures blindness

A winner is you 1024

A similar phrase; A WINNER IS YOU is not as good a compliment as YOU'RE WINNER !, but it comes pretty close.

WINNER is the supernatural force responsible for all that is good in the universe (...yes, even the Trolliverse). Very little is known about the origins of WINNER, but many theorize that WINNER has existed since the beginning of time (quite possibly creating the concept of time, even). Although the forces of WINNER influence several things in the universe, there are only a few entities good enough to be called WINNER (including all Rigists). Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is the most WINNER thing of all time, for it has introduced humanity to the power of WINNER. Samuel L. Jackson and the King of Hyrule are close in their WINNERosity levels, however. Anyone and anything can become truly WINNER with the right training, with the exception of those who have themselves chosen the path of LOSERness . Brainwashing performed by HWSNBN and his minions can be eliminated using BROTRR, which usually leads to the conversion of a LOSER person to a WINNER person).

Extremely WINNER ThingsEdit

[NOTE: many of the entities in this list can also be described as Awesome and BALLIN']

  • BROTRR (the most WINNER gaem of all time)
  • Stellar Stone (the company responsible for the most WINNER gaem of all time)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (HE'S THE MOTHER@#%$ BEST)
  • King of Hyrule (defends Hyrule from LOSER influence with the help of HIS BOI)
  • PS Triple (the console of choice for Chad Daddy; contrary to popular belief, PS Triple has plenty of BALLIN' gaems)
  • Philips CD-i (home to many WINNER gaems, like Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon)
  • Atari Jaguar? (by encouraging players to Do The Math, the Jaguar has helped significantly in the quest to eliminate illiteracy)
  • Sega CD (because "There is no 'Nintendo CD'!")
  • Pepper spray (weapon of choice for WINNERs)
  • N-Gage (just like a Resee's peanut butter cup, except made out of plastic and shaped like a taco)
  • Fartudinous Five? (defenders of WINNER and justice)
  • Shane (star of the hit series The Upside Down Show!)
  • The Upside Down Show! (useful for teaching young children the ways of WINNERosity and Rigism)
  • Mr. T? (he pities the fool who don't play BROTRR)


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