Walleo is like a really fat, stupid, Malleo. It makes him sound like a Tuba. If Tubas made noise, that is. His brother is Waweegee, but he denies it.

Walleo is bitter about his poor treatment as a child. Consequently, Walleo doesn't like much of anything. The only things Walleo likes are garlic, the Order of Weegee, and money. Lots of it.


Walleo was born in 215 to Your Mom. Your Mom never liked Walleo, but for some reason she liked Waweegee a lot. This meant that Walleo was incredibly jealous of Waweegee. At least Waweegee tells good jokes.

Walleo's hatred of Waweegee came to a climax when Your Mom gave the entire family's stock of garlic to Waweegee. Garlic was Walleo's one escape from his cruel life of inferiority, so this hit him hard. Really hard. Walleo was so hurt that he moved out of Your Mom's house on Friday; soon after, Walleo discovered the Order of Weegee. Since discovering the Order of Weegee, Walleo has felt better than ever, as though that huge void in his soul has finally been filled...Wait, that sounds too sappy. Oh well, let's just say Walleo's having the time of his life.

Natural NewsEdit

Walleo created Natural News in his spare time, as a way to Troll n00bs and to make fun of stupid people who believe anything he writes.

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