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Oh hello, If you really are a troll, then you will join me-Hailnny

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Staring at this picture for two days straight will infect you with the Weegee Virus.

Oh noes. You've come to the most terrible place of all. This, is the terrible lame domain of Weegee!!!!! Now that you've come here, you can never escape! Even the Banhammer avoids this most evil of all places! Weegee is the Legend of Internet legends! Not even you can hope to avoid his terrible gaze! Why is his gaze so terrible? Because it will infect you with the terrible Weegee Virus!!! Only Guiyii, his clone, is unaffected! Oh noes ow I am affected by his star--- ......~*


Weegee disguised as Malleo (aka Meegee).

Hmph. If you think this silly Luigi clone can turn me into one, then you are wrong.
I have resisted his stare countless times, and he was almost killed by me in our last battle. However, his piercing stare managed to hit, and it was horrible. To escape such agony I flew away. I haven't seen him at all since. But, if I find him again, I wil kill him...for our sake. --A small paragraph written by Tiger.

Weegee infecting someone with the Weegee Virus.

Oh sweet baby jesus, I love pie. 3.14159265358979323846264338

█░░░███░░░█░░░███            WEEGEE
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ █


Fakegees are the name given to those infected by the Weegee Virus. They can take on all sorts of forms and colors, usually reminiscent of who they used to be before being infected.

Notable FakegeesEdit

Mama LuigiEdit

See main article Mama Luigi

Not to be confused with Your Mother

Not to be confused with Your Mom

One day, Weegee decided he wanted somebody to spend time with.
Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is not typically seen as attractive, despite her positive demeanor.

Everyone was afraid of Weegee. Except Weegee himself. So, he used his magic powers to create a female who would be just like him. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), Weegee accidentally added a pinch of kindness instead of a pinch of suffering. Weegee was angered by this, and banished this creature from his lair. She wandered the world, looking desperately for a purpose, until she came about a baby Yoshi. Thus, Mama Luigi was born.

Mama Luigi loves to take care of baby Yoshikins, fall into fiery pits for hours on end, and eat lots of bagels. Unlike her male form, Mama Luigi's stare will not kill you. Instead, it will inspire you to bring happiness and love to the entire world. However, Mama Luigi balances this by being at least 215 times more annoying than Weegee. So, if you value your sanity, you probably want to stay away from Mama Luigi as well as Weegee.

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