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He likes to stare at you in a very creepy way.....

Weird Al Yankovic, better known as Weird Al, is a very,very,very,very,


Good singer. He is also called"that guy who sings'eat it'".

He sings about your Horoscope, Bologna, Spud addictions, the stomping of Weasels,and Slime Creatures from Outer Space. He constantly adds Fart Noises and Accordion music to his songs.

He even once made a Movie involving a Janitor who thought that Watermelons tasted like Poo.

For these reasons, he is always welcome to this Wiki, just like Mr. Magillicutty. Also just like Mr. Magillicutty, it is suspected that his own free will brought him back. by the way, who's idea was it to put a "h" at the end of his name?

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