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The Xobx 465.2 (pronounced as Mike Hunt), is a vidya gaems console that did not know how to spell. It's biggest competitors were the Nintendo Whee and the 3SP, both of which looked much better in comparison.


The Xobx found poor sales early on, due to a complete disregard for the release of any games (if there are no games for a system, who's gonna buy it?). Then, it's sales started to decline even further with the release of 214 games in one day, all of them $#!tty. It could never live up to the standards set forth by the Nintendo Whee, and had far inferior graphics. The Xobx was quietly discontinued by remotely detonating every unit, causing exactly 214 house fires in the US.

Xobx KinectEdit

Main article: Xobx Kinect

The Xobx Kinect was released in 1980, before motion controls (or cameras) actually even worked correctly. Thus, it exploded before anyone could actually figure out what it was supposed to do.

Notable Games Released for the XobxEdit

All games released for the Xobx were also released on the 3SP. the 3SP versions were always far superior. So everyone always bought those versions.


Halo was a stupid game that absolutely nobody bought. It had something to do with some guy named Master Chief or something like that.

Guitar Hero

Players used a controller shaped like a guitar to pretend that they could actually play music.

Splosion Man

You played as a guy. Who exploded. See a trend going here?
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