Your Mother decided to be more daring today. So she baked muffins instead of cookies.


Artistic rendition of Your Mom. The illustrator died seven hours later.

Not to be confused with Your Mom

Your Mother is your mother. You should know what's she's like by now. How am I supposed to know? Perhaps she does motherly stuff, like watch boring soap operas or bake cookies. But I may be wrong. I do know, however, that you seem to be embarrased by her. Very, very embarrased. Do you still live with her?

Famous MothersEdit

Mother Teresa - She goes around feeding hungry children in Africa. She also preaches Christianity while she's at it.

Mama Luigi - The female form of Weegee. Mama Luigi's favorite hobby is taking care of Baby Yoshis.

Your Mom - Quite possibly the worst mother ever. He is too busy disturbing his children with his hideous face to actually care for them.


Mother Magillicutty - Mr. Magillicutty's mom.



Mother teresa

Mother Teresa - A very famous mother

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