Not to be confused with Your Mom

Not to be confused with MOM

“We're not talking about Cats anymore, we're talking about Wounded Ducks!!!”
Your Neighbor


My names' Crazy Dave, but you can just call me Your Mom.

Your Neighbor is an epic but strange guy. He is constantly coming over and asking you for Walnuts. He looks at you from his window, all day long, as he has done for 214 years. Apparently, he honorarily lives in Europe.


Your Neighbor showed up someday, somewhere. When he got somewhere, he built a store in his car; put a Pot on his head, and insisted that you call him your mom. he claims to have known Harvey Flaxcaster, with whom he would dig through the garbage with. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, he was known as the Fog Man, because he would jump out of the fog and HIT YOU WITH THE BANHAMMER!!!


Your Neighbor has prospered by doing nothing but fantasizing about tacos.

What he doesEdit

He works at the Zombi Land theme park. He also helps deliver newspapers for the Trollopolis Times.

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